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Our Mission

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Designing education systems that can produce people who can thrive in the era of Robotics and AI requires gathering top researchers from the fields of Design Thinking, Robotics, AI, Neurology, and Education to work together on the challenges faced.

We want to use the Design Thinking methodology in the field of education, combined with Robotics/AI and neurology knowledge to reinvent our education systems.  Design Thinking methodology, which has been used in many areas especially production systems, can also be used in redesigning education as well. A deep understanding of robotics and AI is necessary to design education systems that will produce people who will collaborate with robots instead of competing with robots in the near future.  In addition, experts in the field of neurology are also needed as a focus on the cultivation of true human intelligence is a core dependency in the design of our future education systems.

In short, our mission is to redesign education systems with our expertise in Design, Robotics, AI, Neurology, and Education.